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“Fear of a Black President”

This piece by Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic absolutely blew me away. Passionately, meticulously articulated, Coates tells it like it is. It’s long, but well worth it. On a side note: the comments are depressingly predictable. Why do I … Continue reading

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  It’s beyond a cliché to point out the hypocrisy of politicians. But this time, Senator “frothy mix” Santorum has managed to thoroughly and violently blow my mind. Speaking at CPAC, Santorum said that the provision in Obama’s healthcare law … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Future

If Toby Keith is an unabashed patriot, bad boy and unapologetic hawk, Brad Paisley represents a cuddlier, more cosmopolitan tendency in contemporary country music. While songs like “Camouflage” and “This is Country Music” shore up his good ol’ boy credibility, … Continue reading

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Meditations on an elk hunt

Yesterday I went on my first hunting expedition. Don’t worry – nothing was killed! We just drove around a lot, walked around a little, and failed to shoot an elk. Since I’ve started eating meat again (infrequently, strictly game or … Continue reading

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Made in America: part 2

Won’t buy nothing he can’t fix With WD-40 and a Crafstman wrench He ain’t prejudiced he’s just made in America Not only does the old man gladly pay higher prices for American goods – he favors sustainability and self-reliance. Instead … Continue reading

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Made in America: part 1

Toby Keith is weird. My first exposure to his music was as a teenager listening to country on the radio, specifically this song: Even though I found the song amusing then, and still do, in a way, for the most … Continue reading

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Um… Herman? WTF?!

This isn’t a political blog, per se, but I just couldn’t pass up this stunningly bizarre campaign ad from Herman Cain. Especially as I’m in GOP country, I’m keeping an eye on the Republican primary. I had to explain to … Continue reading

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