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My first wedding cake


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Just as summer arrives on July 5th in Seattle, so apparently does the monsoon season in the Southwest. I woke up today to the glorious sight of grey clouds blanketing the sky, shielding those below from the sun’s relentless glare … Continue reading

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Welding shop

The other day I had the unique privilege of being at my friend’s welding shop when the plasma cutter was in operation ( As well as welding farm equipment (and anything else that needs it), he makes decorative metal art, … Continue reading

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Meditations on an elk hunt

Yesterday I went on my first hunting expedition. Don’t worry – nothing was killed! We just drove around a lot, walked around a little, and failed to shoot an elk. Since I’ve started eating meat again (infrequently, strictly game or … Continue reading

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Walking in an autumn wonderland

Today was the first *real* snow  (what we had before didn’t count). I spent the day making applesauce, then walked to the post office (the driveway is impassable for my little truck). The apples get more done clockwise from left. … Continue reading

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Sunflower harvest, cont.

Here are some more photos from the harvest. There was so much beautiful stuff everywhere. Like the color of these silos and their surroundings: incredible! The day started out grey, but the sun came out while we were riding in … Continue reading

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Sunflower harvest

Last week I had the opportunity to witness something remarkable: a massive sunflower harvest. I got to ride in two different combines and see the action up close. Along with his dad, his mom and his brother, my friend farms … Continue reading

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