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Meditations on an elk hunt

Yesterday I went on my first hunting expedition. Don’t worry – nothing was killed! We just drove around a lot, walked around a little, and failed to shoot an elk. Since I’ve started eating meat again (infrequently, strictly game or … Continue reading

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Walking in an autumn wonderland

Today was the first *real* snow  (what we had before didn’t count). I spent the day making applesauce, then walked to the post office (the driveway is impassable for my little truck). The apples get more done clockwise from left. … Continue reading

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I love autumn light

A week or so ago I looked outside and saw this. It was warm and sunny with clouds rolling in from the south (I believe it was still t-shirt weather at that time). Things change fast; today was surprisingly warm, … Continue reading

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Es Schneit

Today the first snow fell. I woke to darkness and chilly rain; by the time it was fully light outside, it was snowing. Winter has come, and I need a 4WD vehicle.

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This past weekend was intense on a number of levels. I worked harder than I have in quite some time and went on a few great hikes, as well as eating my weight in expensive cheese and cake. Here are … Continue reading

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Today when I was walking with Ayla, I found a dead owl by the highway. As you may have guessed, there’s a lot of roadkill here, mostly skunks, a few raccoons, coyotes, deer and the occasional cat. This was the … Continue reading

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A week ago, fall arrived. Mornings in the high desert are always cool, but last Thursday dawned chilly and damp. Last Friday, we harvested in the cold and wet, and I was freezing all day. We had soup and warm … Continue reading

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