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“Fear of a Black President”

This piece by Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic absolutely blew me away. Passionately, meticulously articulated, Coates tells it like it is. It’s long, but well worth it. On a side note: the comments are depressingly predictable. Why do I … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Future

If Toby Keith is an unabashed patriot, bad boy and unapologetic hawk, Brad Paisley represents a cuddlier, more cosmopolitan tendency in contemporary country music. While songs like “Camouflage” and “This is Country Music” shore up his good ol’ boy credibility, … Continue reading

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Meditations on an elk hunt

Yesterday I went on my first hunting expedition. Don’t worry – nothing was killed! We just drove around a lot, walked around a little, and failed to shoot an elk. Since I’ve started eating meat again (infrequently, strictly game or … Continue reading

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Bury me in cliches

I try to avoid negativity in my posts. But right now my mind is consumed with loathing for the Band Perry, and I must purge myself of these thoughts before I can move on. Just look at these sots! These … Continue reading

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Made in America: part 2

Won’t buy nothing he can’t fix With WD-40 and a Crafstman wrench He ain’t prejudiced he’s just made in America Not only does the old man gladly pay higher prices for American goods – he favors sustainability and self-reliance. Instead … Continue reading

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Made in America: part 1

Toby Keith is weird. My first exposure to his music was as a teenager listening to country on the radio, specifically this song: Even though I found the song amusing then, and still do, in a way, for the most … Continue reading

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Um… Herman? WTF?!

This isn’t a political blog, per se, but I just couldn’t pass up this stunningly bizarre campaign ad from Herman Cain. Especially as I’m in GOP country, I’m keeping an eye on the Republican primary. I had to explain to … Continue reading

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