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“Fear of a Black President”

This piece by Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic absolutely blew me away. Passionately, meticulously articulated, Coates tells it like it is. It’s long, but well worth it. On a side note: the comments are depressingly predictable. Why do I … Continue reading

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My first wedding cake

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Just as summer arrives on July 5th in Seattle, so apparently does the monsoon season in the Southwest. I woke up today to the glorious sight of grey clouds blanketing the sky, shielding those below from the sun’s relentless glare … Continue reading

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Keyvin Charles Davis, 1980-2012

Two months ago – although it seems both more recent and longer ago than that – I lost my best friend, Keyvin Davis. He was 31. I knew that I would write about Keyvin at some point; it didn’t feel … Continue reading

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Moan. Groan. Grimace. Cringe.

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Yay, me!

I just spelled “silhouette” correctly on the first try, for the first time ever. It’s one of those words (along with “porcelain” and “exhilarating” among many others I can’t think of just now) that I end up trying multitudinous variations … Continue reading

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In my capacity as a writer of tedious home-improvement articles, I find myself using Word’s handy thesaurus function. A lot. While looking for synonyms for “tacky”, I was reminded of this delightful word: tawdry. Dictionary. com offers this definition: “Showy … Continue reading

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