Keyvin Charles Davis, 1980-2012

Two months ago – although it seems both more recent and longer ago than that – I lost my best friend, Keyvin Davis. He was 31.

I knew that I would write about Keyvin at some point; it didn’t feel right to continue this blog, or write on other topics, without some type of tribute. At the same time, it feels a little strange to make something that is so personal, so public.

Keyvin was a beautiful, kind, complex person, the most loyal and true friend I have ever known, a beloved brother, uncle and son. He brought light and joy to my life in the time that we knew each other.

Keyvin’s life was a testament to the power of love and honor. He was intensely loyal to his friends and family, and his generosity and compassion extended even to strangers. He had a superhuman capacity for forgiveness, and always thought of others before himself.

When Keyvin was 16 years old, his father left him and his aunt to run a filling station in his absence. One day, a man drove up in a van with smoke pouring out from under the hood. His family was inside. Keyvin urged him to drive the van away from the fuel pumps, as by this time it was apparent that the van was on fire. Instead, the man jumped out and ran, leaving his family inside the burning vehicle. Keyvin got the man’s family out of the van, then got in and drove it a safe distance down the road, where it exploded moments after he jumped out.

This story exemplifies the kind of man Keyvin was: selfless, strong, fiercely courageous, always putting others first.

Even as I mourn his absence, I feel his presence and know that he left a lasting legacy in my heart and the hearts of those who knew him. My desire to honor him with my life catalyzed my decision to become a foster parent; it feels like the most fitting tribute possible.

I am a better person for having known Keyvin. He touched many lives and is greatly missed by everyone who loved him.


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1 Response to Keyvin Charles Davis, 1980-2012

  1. hrockwel says:

    What a wonderful tribute to Keyvin, Emily. That is an amazing story about him saving that family from the burning van! What a quick-thinking and courageous act. I love you so much, sis, and am so proud of you (for many reasons!).

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