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Happy New Year!

2011 has been a hell of a year. Good stuff, bad stuff, indifferent stuff. Most saliently for me, it marked my relocation to this amazing part of the world, and all that that entailed: the beginning of this blog, the … Continue reading

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In praise of idleness

Today was beautiful, and didn’t even feel like winter: 50 degrees and sunny. I wanted to go for a hike, or at least spend most of the day outside. I got involved in a bread making project mid-morning, however, and … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Candy

And I’ve fought it all my life And the battle’s now a war But I’ll get up tomorrow And I’ll fight it all once more I want to do what’s right But I’ll never understand me I’ve always had a … Continue reading

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This, I recommend

Fried rice with parsnips in it. Earthy sweetness plus salty, gingery spiciness = yum.

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Welding shop

The other day I had the unique privilege of being at my friend’s welding shop when the plasma cutter was in operation ( As well as welding farm equipment (and anything else that needs it), he makes decorative metal art, … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Future

If Toby Keith is an unabashed patriot, bad boy and unapologetic hawk, Brad Paisley represents a cuddlier, more cosmopolitan tendency in contemporary country music. While songs like “Camouflage” and “This is Country Music” shore up his good ol’ boy credibility, … Continue reading

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I don’t know where I’m bound

This song came on my Pandora station the other night and it really grabbed me. Johnny Cash’s catalog is so massive that I’m often delighted to discover a song of his I haven’t heard before. This one was written by … Continue reading

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