Sunflower harvest, cont.

Here are some more photos from the harvest.


There was so much beautiful stuff everywhere. Like the color of these silos and their surroundings: incredible!

Ummm... silo? Obvious, I'm not a golfer




The day started out grey, but the sun came out while we were riding in the combine.

In the combine

There are many variables to attend to inside a combine. This control panel, for instance.

Massive white metal trough-blades chew and swallow the dry heavy sunflower heads. Birds, deer and bears love sunflower seeds.



They’ve been selectively bred to face the sun and to droop down toward the ground so the birds wont eat the seeds; apparently deer and bear eat them anyway. The deer in this area are supposed to be exceptionally flavorsome and tender because they eat sunflowers, wheat and alfalfa.


Kyle, the guy driving the combine, makes those white things, as well as welding everything in sight.


Have fun!

There is a magical process going on in the combine’s innards whereby seeds are separated from everything else and shot from a tube down into the grain tank. Magic! (Unfortunately no pictures of that. See this one instead).

Loading the semi

Also, you get to stop and tilt the blades and jiggle them to dislodge sunflowers that get stuck. And talk on the radio. And lots of other things that I was too overwhelmed to assimilate.

Red juice


Kyle and Stacia ❤


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