Sunflower harvest

Last week I had the opportunity to witness something remarkable: a massive sunflower harvest. I got to ride in two different combines and see the action up close.

Seed baggin

Along with his dad, his mom and his brother, my friend farms sunflowers, wheat and oats on land that was originally homesteaded by his great-grandparents.

Farmer Kyle

I got to see the place where the seeds are processed, as well as their fleet of vintage trucks, all of which run and are used on the farm.

Old truck

Chevy viking


I rode along in the massive combine as it munched through rows of tall, thick-stalked sunflowers and felt as giddy as a  little kid immersed in an entirely novel experience (also: big machines!).


View from the combine

More pictures to come!


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Reluctant technophile, immoderate lover of words, food, cogitation, the sensory world. We are not done evolving and there is no free will.
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