Cat food

Cat food. It’s essentially pate, especially if you get the really expensive stuff that’s made with venison and Jerusalem artichokes or kangaroo and acai berry or whatever they put in there nowadays.

Yes. My cat actually eats this (I don't though)

I wouldn’t be surprised if some cat foods, if presented correctly, could fool even discerning gourmands. Given the fact that offal served trendily fetches top dollar nowadays, I bet you could pull off a cat food terrine, or incorporate it into head cheese. I say this because, on occasion, and despite the fact that I am often repulsed by meat products, I catch myself thinking the cat food smells good. Only the nice stuff though. Cheap cat food smells like pee.

I thought of this last night at cat-feeding time and imagined it as a stand-up comedy bit.


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Reluctant technophile, immoderate lover of words, food, cogitation, the sensory world. We are not done evolving and there is no free will.
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