Providence and first pie

On Sunday I made the first pie of the season. Saturday night was, well… a little rough. I woke on Sunday with a non-functioning left foot, and probably close to 60 pounds of produce to process.

After moping around for a couple of hours lamenting my incapacity, I got to work cleaning peppers while sitting on the couch with my foot elevated. Since I didn’t feel in any wise up to canning, I settled on the easiest route for preserving the peppers: roasting and freezing them. Somehow I managed to deal with the peppers, and make a pie. A friend called it “stress pie making”.

An apple peeler/corer/slicer makes life oh-so-much easier

Before the oven

I’m taking care of someone’s dogs while they’re out of town, and I couldn’t drive my manual transmission pickup until today. The only person who was able to help me was stuck in Moab with a dead alternator. So, by the time we finally got to the dogs, it was 8pm. I can be incredibly unobservant at times, but fortunately my friend noticed smoke coming from some straw bales next to the dog pen. Turns out the heating element that keeps their water from freezing had started a fire – and if I’d come earlier in the day, as had been my original plan, I wouldn’t have caught it. So my injury and my friend’s car trouble definitely had an upside!

Today I awoke feeling completely overwhelmed. I had two loads of soaking wet laundry to deal with, thanks to a poorly functioning dryer, a mountain of dishes in a hellishly messy kitchen, multiple animals to manage, a fridge in desperate need of cleaning, and still, all that produce (minus the peppers and a few apples). Ordinarily I love living by myself, but when self-sufficiency is compromised, one realizes how interdependent we humans are. After a slightly longer mope session than Sunday’s (I worked all day yesterday and had someone helping me out), I gathered the wet laundry and gimped, slowly, out to the line to hang it. The weather is gorgeous today – sunny and in the sixties – so I took a little lie-down outside as a reward for actually doing something, anything¬†useful. I went to the post office, let Ayla run behind the truck, checked on the dogs, and then came home and cleaned the kitchen. Will I actually manage to can anything today? That remains to be seen…



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