This past weekend was intense on a number of levels. I worked harder than I have in quite some time and went on a few great hikes, as well as eating my weight in expensive cheese and cake. Here are some pictures.

This is where I was working


Rustic idyll

Looking out my back door

The cabin I stayed in

The first day I went hiking, I forgot my camera, so unfortunately don’t have pictures of that walk. However! The trail I walked on my last day in the mountains was spectacular. I was exhausted from having worked on my feet until 2am, cranky with Ayla for demonstrating truly deplorable leash manners, and not in the mood for hiking. All I wanted to do was lie down and sleep. The road up to the trail head was rough and rutted – “washboard road” – and my little front-wheel-drive truck was skidding out right and left. I was starting to get the hang of the drift, so at least it wasn’t shaking as badly as on previous days, but the road seemed to go on forever, and I was tempted to turn back. But I knew I owed Ayla (and myself) some vigorous exercise in the mountain air, so I persevered. And boy was I glad that I did. I kept telling myself that I didn’t have to get to the top of the ridge; at certain points I was practically stumbling along the trail in my weariness. But I kept putting one foot in front of the other, and when I emerged from the trees to see the ridge, I knew I had to get to the top.


Atop the ridge


These guys were crazy

I ran into some dirt bikers at the top of the extremely narrow, rocky ridge. They were very friendly.

Friendly... and crazy

Cray cray


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Reluctant technophile, immoderate lover of words, food, cogitation, the sensory world. We are not done evolving and there is no free will.
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2 Responses to Weekend

  1. hrockwel says:

    Wow, what an experience! I’m so glad you got to go before the snow starts. Those dirt bikers do look “cray cray” and I’m very glad you didn’t join them. Eek!

  2. Annie says:

    Looks/sounds like a memorable, spectacular weekend altogether. Good for you for perservering on the last day. Well worth it. A

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