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Ice cream poem

Today I’m busy getting ready for the imminent arrival of my relatives, so here’s a poem I wrote when I first got here and was greedily gobbling Julie’s organic ice cream bars, as well as a drawing from the archives. … Continue reading

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Ser Marmot

This little guy was trying to get back to his burrow, which was disrupted in the search for an elusive septic tank. I pet him; his coat was silky soft.

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Encounter with Whitehat: Part 2

(Continued…) That’s when the trouble began. “You’re a libtard!” The tall man in a white cowboy hat and plaid button-down shirt pointed an accusing finger at me. Someone else asked me why I didn’t eat meat. I replied that I … Continue reading

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Encounter with Whitehat: Part 1

A couple of weeks ago I had an experience which I’d anticipated before my arrival, but which I’d been lulled into thinking wouldn’t, after all, occur. I was surprised when I first arrived here at the level of respect and … Continue reading

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Ah, FriChik. The metallic savor of this peculiarly Seventh Day Adventist delicacy brings me back to my childhood. I ate a lot of fake meat as a kid growing up SDA, and whenever I watched cartoons in which meat was … Continue reading

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